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I saw Inglourious Basterds today and it was awesome. It's so much more than what the commercials promised and that was great.

Normally I would have said spoilers for History but there is very little actual history in this movie. It works extremely well in the course of the movie because the logical end to the movie is the triumph of our heroes and the death of Hitler. It doesn't matter that history didn't go down that way. This is a fantasy movie and in the fantasy world they get to take him out. It was the only logical conclusion.

This is a movie that is all about tension and is extremely suspenseful. The opening scene would work as a masterful short film. An extremely intense and suspenseful scene which is basically just two people talking for a long time. It sets the scene so well and just ratchets up the tension in that farmhouse until it has to come to a violent head. The rest of the movie doesn't always live up to that scene but by and large it does. The parts with the Basterds were great but by and large my favorite parts involve Shosanna, who escapes from the farmhouse in the first scene. She's a marvelous character.

By far my favorite part of the Basterds sections was the part with HUGO STIGLITZ. He was awesome, and you know that he was because he got his own theme music and his name came up on screen. He was extremely bad ass. I did really like Brad Pitt. He is always better when he is being goofy and I feel like he just brought something to the role that another actor wouldn't. Everyone of them was bad ass in their way and I bet that there is a lot more stuff involving them that was cut from the movie.

I want to watch it again. I want to remember all the funny lines and to see all the awesome parts again.
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