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I am so loving Kyle and Fish on One Life to Live. This story hits so many of my favorite tropes it isn't even funny. Toss in the brother of Chris Evans and I am a very happy girl. Honestly Brett Claywell and Scott Evans are so good together it isn't even funny. I just want to watch them all them time. I can't wait to see what comes next (as we surely move into the even more angsty part of the story.) I love my soap angst. It's always so delicious.

I do have a tiny bit of an (probably) unpopular opinion I don't want Fish's parents to accept him. I want them to be horrible and mean and say things like "You aren't our son." It will hurt terribly but I feel like it's necessary. I don't want them to be crazy evil (no attempted murders or mysterious Iraqi girls) just intolerant. One, it gives Fish a lot of goodwill. He's certainly gotten some of it over the past few days but if he comes out to them and his parents accept him then why was he so worried. Also I feel like it's real. It sucks but it does happen. Maybe I'm just the kind of person who wants her favorite characters to suffer a lot but I just like the idea of Fish losing his parents. I would almost like him to come out fully expecting it because he decides that the price was too high to stay in the closet. They aren't worth lying to. I'm probably the only person who feels this way but I do. The possibility of drama is too high!
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