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Sep. 10th, 2009 10:03 pm
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I saw District 9 tonight (should have seen it yesterday to go with all the nines!) and I thought it was very interesting if not exactly all that people hyping it have said that it was. I like it and I think it's worth watching.

It's not quite the anti-racism movie people keep saying that is. I think it does make an effort (which is more than can be said for a lot of movies) but there are some problems. It's also not all that revolutionary in the way it is treating race. It's kind of like Crash only with aliens instead of actual other races. Of course lots of people who wouldn't go to see Crash went to see District 9. And enjoyed it. And maybe will think a little bit more about race, when before they didn't at all.

Of course, problems. The most visible actual black people in the movie are the Nigerians. And there are certainly a lot of problems with the depiction of them. It's a place where I feel like more subtlety or having something to counter balance that depiction would have been really helpful. The hero is still a white guy (though I think there are reasons why he is white and it is important to the message.) He also isn't very heroic. For most of the movie is acting out of self interest. A fine motivation but not necessarily heroic. He does eventually decide to help one family but it isn't really out of some giant form of enlightenment, it's simply realizing that there is a connection between him and the aliens. I don't think this is necessarily a weakness in the movie. But it is a weakness in the anti-racism crusade message. If you are watching a movie with an eye toward that it could really disappoint you but I think it works.

It is a really well made movie that was interesting to watch. The documentary frame is well used and provides enough context to extrapolate the meaning. It was different. It isn't like every other scifi movie. I recommend it even with it's flaws.


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