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Thanks for offering to write in my fandoms. I know that some of them are fairly obscure, or at least off the radar of most people.

I like: light romance, comedy, actual functional couples, people who are friends first, snappy dialogue, road trips, families that act like real families, stories told in interesting ways (news articles or emails, instead of or in addition to a traditional narrative).

I don't like: incest (not that there is much of a chance of this in any of these fandoms), people acting like jerks and then not apologizing, deathfics.

1) Grosse Pointe
Orignal Prompt:Dave the Stand-In/Marcy: I just need the ending between these two characters that the show promised but was never able to fulfill. I like everyone though and don't mind a story about everyone. If you want a little more detail, the CW is fond of remaking old shows right now. Maybe they've decided to remake the show within the show? Who is going to come back and who still hates each other ten years later?

I will be thrilled with anything in this fandom but especially if Marcy and Dave get to get together. In my details I mentioned the possibility of a remake of the show on the CW and I think that might be hilarious (and a good way to get a lot of the cast together again) but if you think that is terrible don't pay any attention to me. A kind of where are they now look at the cast might also be fun but that doesn't mean I don't want something that picks up just after the show ends.

2) Flo and Motorcycle Guy
Original Prompt:Progressive Insurance - Flo and Motorcycle Guy : There are two Motorcycle ads. I mean this one ( where we find out Flo rides a motorcycle. I would love a story about them going on a date (possibly on motorcycles) but anything about Flo would be awesome.

I actually don't have any ideas for this fandom I just find the idea delightful. They could go motorcycle riding together! But I would also love anything about Flo solo.

3) Night of the Comet
Original Prompt:Any: The idea of post apocalyptic Valley Girls traveling around the country is kind of delightful to me. I like that the movie ends on a happy note and would prefer that it stayed kind of upbeat to wacky, rather than being a dark post apocalypse but other than no one dying I'm not picky.

If you have not seen this movie I recommend it, even if you don't want to write about it. It already has one of the most cracked out premises that a movie could have so nothing I could tell you could top it. If you do write this, I most enjoy the comedic aspects and the generally positive nature of the movie. I'd love to see where this could go. I don't mind it getting a little more realistic (or dramatic) but try not to kill anyone. It might be interesting to see a Christmas story in this universe. I also think a road-trip across the country would be a fun story but anything at all would be great.

4) Commander in Chief
Original Prompt:Jim Gardner/Kelly Ludlow: Jim and Kelly getting together would be really interesting. I love campaign stories and I love the way that groups of people end up bonding when they live together and are working for the same cause.

Jim and Kelly don't have a lot of scenes with just the two of them in the show but I always felt like there was something between them when they did. I think the tension between them would be an interesting thing to explore but it doesn't necessarily have to be romantic. I just want to explore the future of the Allen administration (or the campaign) and these happen to be my favorite characters (especially Jim) so I want to know about them particularly though I like nearly everyone in the Allen administration (I'm not too fond of Mark-Paul Gosselaar but as long as he's on the sidelines I'm fine with him.) I love that feeling of working for a cause and growing close over it.

I'd love anything in any of these fandoms and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks in advance!


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