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So I saw it. And I have thoughts. Overall I really liked it.

Jennifer Lawrence is a great Katniss. I knew she was going to be good since I saw Winter's Bone and she didn't disappoint. Tough and heartbreaking and never made Katniss seem like a badass, just a girl who is disgusted and sad. Also great casting, the little girl playing Rue. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house when she died. Cutest child in the movie by far.

I think I liked all of the casting. Most of the non-Katniss (and Peeta) roles are minor but everyone in those parts did a really good job. Elizabeth Banks is a hoot, Stanley Tucci camps it to perfection, Wes Bentley actually made Seneca Crane a character, Donald Sutherland injects a nice menace into President Snow, Woody is great even if Haymitch's feels like a much more minor character (seriously he didn't even fall off the stage!) Lenny Kravitz has the right amount of confidence and warmth with Cinna.

The Games themselves are well done and in cutting down on the blood they have a few characters get their necks broken which strikes me as even more brutal. The most effective scene is definitely Rue's death and Katniss with the flowers. I'm glad they immediately went into a riot in District 11. It's good groundwork for the sequel and shows how volatile the climate is in Panem, how ready they are for a reason to rebel again.

The movie definitely didn't amp up the love story and I'm so grateful. I like both Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, though I am Team Peeta all the way. The movie did remind me exactly why I thought everyone who thought Katniss was going to end up with Gale were crazy though, he's barely in it.

Strange things I now want in Hunger Games fic:
-Effie/Haymitch! They have banter.
-Seneca Crane fic. He's an actual character who is interesting to me now.
-Capital fic in general.
-Fic about all the districts.
-Cato and Clove fic. I think this one is entirely because I like Isabelle Fuhrman.  

Even if it wasn't perfect I still liked it a lot and will probably see it a few more times. Can't wait until the sequel, still hoping for Kristen Bell Johanna and Armie Hammer Finnick.


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