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So I saw Prometheus and I have thoughts, largely of a positive nature.

They set up the possibility of sex between Charlize Theron and Idris Elba (two of the most lovely people on Earth) and then we didn't even get to see it! Not even one little makeout. A real disappointment.

On to things of substance.

Essentially this was a super sized episode of Ancient Aliens with bonus pregnancy body horror. It was a good episode and the body horror was well realized but that was what it was. I enjoyed that a lot but if it isn't your thing you probably won't. It was interesting even if it wasn't exactly profound. I think it is bound to disappoint. There has been so much hype and buildup that anything less than a profound meditation on the nature of man was going to disappoint. If what you want to see is a movie like Alien then you will enjoy this movie.

The science is ridiculous, but of course the science is ridiculous in Alien. I think the third act introduction of Peter Weyland is a mistake. (I mean it isn't hard to guess that he'll show up but it still feels wrong.) It kind of drags the movie toward a conclusion because this is how it has to end but I think it could have been achieved without him. There is some interesting stuff around the edges that should be better explored (Vickers and David's sibling rivalry, a dynamic only seen in retrospect, should get more screen time.)

I'll probably think of this movie like Sunshine. Interesting ideas and a strong two thirds of a movie with third act problems. In Sunshine it is the SunGoblin as others have referred to it and here it's Weyland and then Engineer's  quest to destroy all life on Earth. 

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