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I've been rewatching Firefly this summer and I just got to "Objects in Space" and it gave me thoughts so I thought I'd share them.

Joss Whedon (quite rightly) gets criticized for his obsession with crazy girls. And River certainly fits this mold. But I love her. For most of the run she is merely crazy, she doesn't have any agency (it's been taken from her by the Alliance) and it doesn't seem like she'll ever be able to get it back. "Objects in Space" changes this, it shows the beginning of a real arc for River that we never got on TV and only got a little bit in the movie.

OiS starts with a long shot in River's mind. She is center as she wanders around the ship peeking in at all the others. It is about River interacting with the world. The episode mostly stays with her (except for the middle portion of the episode which shifts over to another outsider -- bounty hunter Jubal Early.) The crew has a meeting that River isn't included in to determine her future. The agency she lost to the Alliance still not returned. She is an object, not a person who might be able to determine her own fate.

But the end of this episode flips this entire dynamic. When Early comes onto the ship he takes control of everyone he thinks might be a threat. But he can't find River, because she's already outsmarted him. She disappears and only reappears as a voice on the com, she even claims to have become the ship. She takes complete control of the situation, getting everyone in the crew to act with her plan for getting rid of Early and amazingly they actually comply. And more than that her plan works (of course it works she is a genius). River transforms herself from a crazy girl who can't be trusted to a person who can save everyone and herself. Simon spends the episode "waiting for his moment" and eventually seems to find it but he didn't need to because River had already found her moment. This was only the beginning of River's story and it pains me that we will never get to see her story play out on screen.

Firefly was a story about family and was in some part a story about everyone on Serenity. I think the real heart of Firefly was River but that story was only just beginning when the show was canceled.

That probably didn't make much sense since it is the middle of the night but it needed to come out of my head.
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