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Oh man, Rahm Emmanuel just made me cry. He wasn't even trying to. It's supposed to be funny. But I can't listen to him talk about my beloved Sarah Lawrence (which it is so obvious that he loves as well) without feeling a little teary.

I didn't know how lucky I was to be there when I was there. I want to go back.
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I really don't know what I am going to do when I can't watch political news all day. I watch so much MSNBC right now. It is honestly the most played channel on my television. I've seen so much of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann that I feel like I know them. When you add in all the just regular news I've been watching it's a lot of MSNBC. I'll probably keep watching much of it but I'm going to miss it when it isn't all election all the time.

Keith Olbermann used to be my favorite but now my favorite host is Rachel Maddow. She's so great at reading the news and putting her spin on it without getting preachy and obnoxious like Keith can. Also my favorite anchor is definitely David Shuster, despite/because of that time he said the Clintons were "pimping out" Chelsea.

Is there some sort of rehab for political junkies who are going to have to come down starting Wednesday?
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I wish Mike Huckabee didn't have the exact opposite values as me because he is really funny. I feel as if we would get along until someone brought up politics.

Also The Daily Show is the best political team on television. I wish the Mainstream Media was doing such a good job in bringing up real issues and presenting them in a way that makes this much sense.

And as someone who has been involved in community organizing (and just happens to live in a small town) Sarah Palin offends me. I already didn't agree with her on any issue at all but her comments on community orgainzing (as well the comments of most of the Republicans speaking last night) personally offend me. And were really dumb, since the last time I checked community organizers exist on both sides of the political divide and are useful in getting out the vote, they might not be the best group to piss off.
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I am finding that I can not read anything political on Livejournal. Whether I agree with the person or not (though mostly when I don't agree) it angries up the blood. I mean it makes me especially angry when I don't agree but even when I do. For sanity I'm going to scroll right past any long looking post that has a subject line vaguely connected to politics.

I can't decide if this is mean spirited or hilarious or both. I think both. She does the voice so very well.

Also Gossip Girl came back today! There was new Blair and Chuck!


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