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I started to read The Stand, which is legitimately a pretty freaky book. But less freaky since most of the action takes place after everyone is dead from the flu. Of course this not being completely freaky only works if there isn't news every night about a possible FLU PANDEMIC! It is timed for my maximum freaked out ness. I am really enjoying the book so far even though I am not far in it. Even if it is extra freaky.

In completely unrelated news, I've been watching the Chloe/Davis scenes on youtube and I am amazed that Smallville has been on for EIGHT years. How is that possible?
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But I've started reading Twilight because a lot of people seem to like it and vampires can be done well and the cover is nice. It's actually pretty good though I don't like the heroine as much as I probably should (she is loads better than that twit in Outlander though so she gets a bit of a pass) but the plot seems fairly solid. Except for the part where it is just like Roswell. Seriously Bella and Edward are Liz and Max except substitute vampires for the aliens. Hahaha!

It's okay though because I love Roswell.
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I picked up The Sparrow because I am kind of obsessed with the idea that the Catholics have a plan for when we make first contact. I think that this is comical and also very forward thinking. So when I read that there was a book about a group of Jesuits going to another planet to make first contact I had to check it out.

What I found was not exactly the book I had expected but I was not dissapointed. This was a beautiful book all about human nature and our relationship to the unknown as much as it was about aliens and God. I fell somewhat in love with many of the characters and felt that I had grown to know them by the end of the novel.

Spoilers of a rather large nature )

I think I will read the sequel at some point because the questions left at the end of this novel make me long to spend some more time in this world.


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