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Even the lolcats are about Heath Ledger.

It's really sad because he was young and had a young child who will never get to know him now and that sucks but this is too much.

In this strange way it reminds me of Steve Irwin's death. Just because I didn't believe in the same way I didn't believe when someone came up to me and said "I know today would be the perfect day to start a rumor because we don't have any power or internet but the Crocodile Hunter died." Except this time I heard it on NPR and I had to believe NPR.

In other news I saw Cloverfeild and it was fairly awesome. I could really sense the Drew Goddard-ness of it if that makes any sense.
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I'm terribly terribly amused by all the furor over this Cloverfield movie and the way the internet seems to feel like they need to solve the mystery around it. I don't think that half of the "clues" and what not currently on the web are actually related to the movie but it's kind of amusing watching people attempt to figure it all out.

Personally I'm glad to know that it might be a monster movie and had a wicked trailer. That's enough to get me watching. I don't actually want to take part in some bizarre internet game.

Also it's 07/07/07. I love dates that are all the same numbers. And sevens is extra cool. There was much about how seven is lucky and what not on the radio but really it's all about how all the numbers match. WHOO!


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