Mar. 25th, 2008 11:13 pm
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I can't believe Jericho is really over. People who have not watched Jericho you ought to because it started out corny and kind of bad and got better and better as time went on. These last few episodes of season 2 have been some of the best of the show and would be competive against episodes of other shows, too.

It was a fairly kickass ending and I do want more in the universe of Jericho but I think I'd rather them to come in the form of novels or comics or something. Because I want stories that are not about our characters (as much as I love most of them) but about the broader scope. There would be a lot of material to work with and it could be a kick ass comic property for someone at Dark Horse.

Also I bought Guitar Hero today, so I probably won't be spending much time on the internet because I am a slave to the God of ROCK!
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Jericho came back tonight and it was awesome in the way that Jericho is. There was Stanley and Mimi! And Robert Hawkins!

(Have I mentioned how there was a Robert Hawkins in Cloverfield only it was lies because the end would have been much different if the real Hawkins was there.)

Yay! Jericho! I have no other words!
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I keep signing up for ficathon type things. It's forcing me to write things which is good. They are all in fandoms that I've never written in before so it's kind of scary but I'm just diving in all the way.

Jericho is coming back! Woo! And the press release ended "PS Please stop sending us nuts." That's the best part. Aside from the more Jericho obviously.
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Though they have about the combined intelligence of a monkey I'm growing to love the people of Jericho. Especialy when they leave Emily out of an episode. And they have plenty of Stanley and Mimi and Bonnie and Sean, Bonnie's idiotic but kind of lovely boyfriend.

If they cancel this show I will be so pissed.


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