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So I saw Prometheus and I have thoughts, largely of a positive nature.

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On to things of substance.

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So I saw it. And I have thoughts. Overall I really liked it.

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Even if it wasn't perfect I still liked it a lot and will probably see it a few more times. Can't wait until the sequel, still hoping for Kristen Bell Johanna and Armie Hammer Finnick.

District 9

Sep. 10th, 2009 10:03 pm
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I saw District 9 tonight (should have seen it yesterday to go with all the nines!) and I thought it was very interesting if not exactly all that people hyping it have said that it was. I like it and I think it's worth watching.

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I saw Inglourious Basterds today and it was awesome. It's so much more than what the commercials promised and that was great.

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Mar. 8th, 2009 06:42 pm
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I loved Watchmen! Loved it.

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I highly recommend it.
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I was watching Prom Night (the 2007 remake) and it features Idris Elba in a rather prominent role as a police officer. That was the whole reason I even wanted to see it. It also features James Ransone and I was thinking that despite the two of them being on The Wire for an entire season together they had never shared a single scene before this movie. It is possible that they had never even met. How strange!

The movie was abysmal but it was filled with actors who I love. First of all Idris Elba and Brittany Snow who I have adored since she was on Guiding Light, James Ransone like a bonus Wire moment, Monica from Heroes, JASON STREET!, that kid who plays Emmett in Twilight (who is actor stalking me because he was also in the new 90210), and that is all but is still impressive, especially since I didn't know that most of them were in it beforehand.
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Everyone should see Raspberry Reich. It is so good. I saw it awhile ago but was reminded of it today and was watching clips on Youtube (for the subject line see this clip for context.)

Also Heterosexuality is the opiate of the Masses!

Oh, Bruce LaBruce you are a crazy genius.
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This is always how I feel like cleaning up. And it never fails to make me crack up.

I have got to watch Wet Hot American Summer again.
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That's how I felt about most of Into the Wild. I don't know if I direct it more at the guy in the movie or at Sean Penn but they are both extremely punch worthy. I did like Hal Holbrook and the part with Vince Vaughn but the rest was not that great, also the aforementioned desire to punch.

I keep having to stop myself from watching The Wire because there are only seven (7!) episodes left EVER and I don't want it to be done yet.
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I'm so proud of Ben Affleck after watching Gone Baby Gone. It was really really good. An excellent adaptation of an excellent book. Also Amy Ryan so deserves that Oscar nom.
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Even the lolcats are about Heath Ledger.

It's really sad because he was young and had a young child who will never get to know him now and that sucks but this is too much.

In this strange way it reminds me of Steve Irwin's death. Just because I didn't believe in the same way I didn't believe when someone came up to me and said "I know today would be the perfect day to start a rumor because we don't have any power or internet but the Crocodile Hunter died." Except this time I heard it on NPR and I had to believe NPR.

In other news I saw Cloverfeild and it was fairly awesome. I could really sense the Drew Goddard-ness of it if that makes any sense.
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I was watching the Buffy movie just now and it hit me that Hilary Swank has two Oscars. TWO!

Also since BFleck is in the film for one second it has TWO Academy Award winners in it.

The strange thing about the movie is that most of the time it feels really far from Buffy, the tone is all wrong, but sometimes a character will say a line and it sounds like something from the show. Also Joss is fond of the white party dress with leather jacket look isn't he?
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Rescue Dawn was a pretty phenomenal movie. Steve Zahn and Christian Bale both give amazing performances. It looks fabulous, there are some shots of the jungle that are just astounding in beauty and the amount they manage to convey about the situation.

If Christian Bale doesn't get an Oscar nomination (and we can throw Steve Zahn on too) then it's just a travesty. Especially if Johnny Depp gets another one, because as much as I love the man he can't possibly hit all the levels that Christian manages to hit in this movie.
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I just watched We Are Marshall and it reduced me to a sobbing mess. It was actually pretty good but made me cry a lot.

It did make me notice Anthony Mackie though. He is a very attractive man. Unfortunately he is in only terrible movies that I can't possibly watch (THE MAN!) and this is sad, because he is so pretty.
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I have watched Hot Fuzz many times in the past week. Due to this (and also it's extreme awesomeness) it is currently my favorite movie. If you have not seen this movie you should watch it because it is really great.

I've been watching As the World Turns and it is actually really good. I think that the gay storyline is being done really quite well. Also watching it is reminding me of how much I adore soaps and specifically ATWT. There are so many characters I remember from Middle School and HIgh School when I watched all the time. So I'm back to being involved in this soap opera.

The best thing written about the show (and the gay storyline) is this quote from a poster on some message board: "CMMA suspects Henry might be one of them. He has a woman as a best friend! He has a parasol in the diner! He wears flamboyant shirts! Perhaps Vienna is actually a drag queen! The colonel saw part of a commercial for Will & Grace once. He knows how these things work!"

Henry is not one of the actual gay people on the show. He is the brother of a girl that the in denial gay guy is dating. Henry is extremely awesome, though also the gayest non-gay character. CMMA is the father of denial boy.


Aug. 27th, 2007 07:18 pm
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I'd so been looking forward to this movie and then it didn't disappoint.

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My thoughts after what is sure to be the first of many many viewings of High School Musical 2. It was a very servicable plot and musical numbers though I wish that there had been at least one Dirty Dancing reference. Someone at the talent show couldn't have been singing the Kellerman's song, Kenny?
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I saw the new Pixar movie, Ratatouille today. It was really great. The rats have little rat boats!
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I quite liked the movie but as always long for the details and time of the books.

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All in all though it was a good solid Harry Potter movie.


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