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I am so excited for Game of Thrones.  I've been very happy with the casting and I trust HBO to make good product.  They just put up a new trailer and a production clip and it just makes me more excited.  I hope this show turns out as amazing as it should be!
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This episode of Law and Order has the jumping off point of the Pants Lawsuit. Hilarious!

ETA: And poison toothpaste!
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Today I woke up and there was no power causing me to be woeful because today is Doctor Who day! And what if I wasn't able to watch it. That would have been tragic.

BUT tragedy was averted and I have watched the show. Thoughts, mostly about Martha under here, spoliers. )
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I love John From Cincinnati. It's weird in a way that is very cool and I can' t wait to watch the rest of the show. David Milch does kind of own me because he is great. For evidence of his his crazy awesomeness you should watch this. He talks about what JFC is about and why he doesn't have laces in his shoes (this will make sense once you watch the clip.)

John From Cincinnati is great for lots of reasons. It has quite compelling characters and a potentially interesting plot. Also the term Shitbird will likely be used, which is cool. I suggest people should check it out.
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John from Cincinnati can't possibly be all bad if they are going to use "Shitbird" on a regular basis.
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I have no idea how to start this entry. I have a lot of things to say but not one to start with.

I'll start with the crazy. Apparently over on [ profile] grave_watchers someone started to write a really long explanation of why Kristen Bell is an evil bitch and probably eats puppies. It was locked but someone decided that this crazy was too good not to share. If you want to laugh go here and read up on a "TV insiders" in depth knowledge of why Kristen Bell is an awful human being. Be sure to read all the things that she (he?) links to because the in depth analysis is what elevates this to a true art of internet crazy instead of just normal crazy.

It did make me think about Veronica Mars and why I was really not happy with the finale. slight spoilers ) That's really all I have to say. Veronica Mars, it was nice to know you.

One more thing: God I ended up hating Logan so much by the end of the show. He was such a giant creep. That would have been the real up side to VM:FBI no more Logan and maybe then the crazy Logan fans would get away from the show.

Also I have tomorrow off so certain people should give me a call maybe.
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I keep signing up for ficathon type things. It's forcing me to write things which is good. They are all in fandoms that I've never written in before so it's kind of scary but I'm just diving in all the way.

Jericho is coming back! Woo! And the press release ended "PS Please stop sending us nuts." That's the best part. Aside from the more Jericho obviously.
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Futurama you never get less funny you only get more funny!

Doctor Who was simply amazing and made me cry. Every week I love Martha a little bit more. She is very very excellent.
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Since Lost was apparently all oh my god amazing last night I feel like I should watch and catch up to this point. Stupid national obsessions you can't even properly not watch them because it is like everyone wants you to watch them and then you do.

This is why that whole Just Say No thing didn't work, Nancy!

I will be watching the replacement for Lost show (not America Makes New Crap) but Traveler, which has just enough CrackedOut!Conspiracy action to keep me entertained. Also William Sadler and that lady who was a future lawyer from Century City (not the one who was on Drive.)

I watched half of Brokeback Mountain and then had to turn it off due to extreme depression. It's so achingly beautiful.


Apr. 15th, 2007 02:46 pm
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There has been a lot of car themed entertainment in my life this weekend. First Grindhouse with it's absolutely fantastic "Death Proof" section (I liked the other section just fine as well but "Death Proof" was really something special) and then Doctor Who took place almost entirely in cars (with old married knitting lesbians!) and then Drive.

How much did I love Drive? )


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