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Revenge is going to be huge for Yuletide this year right? Because as of last night we had actual canon queers and in such a way that absolutely sets up possibilities for more. And the possibility of threesomes! So lots of people are going to write Revenge.sorta not even spoilery )

Personally I would like some Pan Am fic. If I was writing fic just now I would definitely write a long fic for Pan Am where Maggie starts to school Ted on his privilege and then eventually he'd be less horrible and sometime when he didn't even know she was around he would school someone else on how they are being a sexist jerk and Maggie would hear and then they'd eventually date. For Yuletide I feel like asking for a story with Laura from Pan Am discovering she is a big lesbian. It is honestly my fondest wish.


Dec. 13th, 2009 11:29 pm
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I finished my Yuletide story! It needs a solid look over and a beta but it's all done! I'm so excited. I wish uploading was open because once I'm finished with this I just want to post it. I mean after it gets checked over. Also I like to know what number I am and hope that it is low!

Also, I watched the Alice miniseries that was on Syfy last weekend. I kind of loved it. It was exactly the kind of awesome/terrible things that the Syfy channel can excel at. And Alice/Hatter is totally the new ship I am obsessed with. Alice is tough but with a center filled with issues and Hatter is a con man with a heart of gold, or a charming rogue, both of which are totally tropes I love. And Hatter is adorable and British! (I also found out that in real life the actor who played Hatter is engaged to Hanah from S Club! Which makes him even more adorable!)

Anyway Alice/Hatter is where it is at. I might even write some.
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Dear Yule Writer )


Dec. 27th, 2008 09:37 pm
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This is the second time I've done Yuletide and I got just as lucky this year as last year. It's Speed fic! About Jack and Annie. And it's such a good satisfying bit of ending. It's called Walk The Wire and everyone should read it. Yuletide is the greatest exchange of the whole year.
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The snow we got last week has finally melted and it seems weirdly like it is spring because the ground smells all earthy and it's warm again after being cold and snowy. I'm dreading when actual winter starts up.

I have got to remember to sign up for Yuletide tomorrow. I just have to finish up with my requests.


Dec. 25th, 2007 09:47 pm
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I got Fifth Element fic and it is so so good. Everyone should go read it! It's named Public Interest



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