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I was bawling at work when I heard this NPR story because it's so beautiful and touching. It's about a man, Nicolas Winton, who organized a kindetransport in the early of days WW2 from someone whose mother was on the train. Everyone should go listen to it. There is this moment (which is actually the thing that started me crying) where Kim Masters (who is doing the story) says,

"But one thing is clear to me. If it weren't for this man, none of us would be here — not my mother, not my daughter, not me.

Pointing to my mother, I say, "She's a child, and I'm a grandchild." Then, pointing to my 10-year-old daughter, I add, "And that's your great-grandchild."

It just really hit me listening to this the ways that our actions travel down through generations. At any rate I thought it was a very good story and worth a listen.
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I am so excited about this new Bravo show about dancing. Mostly because it is hosted by Elizabeth Berkley! I hope she talks about how she has always loved dance. And someone freaks out because she was in Showgirls. Or slips and calls her Nomi Malone.

My aunt gave my brother and I her Laser Disc player. And many Laser Discs. Among the haul is the Original Star Wars trilogy, The Bodygaurd, and many other nifty things. The greatest thing though was the Laser Disc of Interview with a Vampire. It folds out into a double size layout with a giant quote of praise for the movie! Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt stare at each other and are HUGE! I'm going to take pictures because this thing is amazing.


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